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When Bishop Sigurd established the Holy Maria monastery in Lyse in 1146

Norwegian Rose Painting

A living tradition from the 1820’s to the current day.

Oselvar boatyard

The Oselvar boatyard builds boats and safeguards the ancient handicraft of building small, clinker built wooden boats.

The Oselvar

Norway’s national boat!


The island of Lysøen is in the Lysefjord, not far from the ruins of Lysekloster monastery.

Os International Symposium of Sculpture

Artists from seven countries take part in the symposium.

Osøren Blues and Jazzfestival

The festival was first time arranged in 1999

Coast historical days

The costal culture weeks are the largest happening in Norway with over 200 events in 20 districts from Sveio in the south to Gulen in the north.

Oseana Art Museum

See works by Munch, Kittelsen, Tidemann, Gude, J.C.Dahl, Anders Zorn and other Nordic artists in magnificent surroundings.

Relics and stone

Os has a great diversity of relics, most of them in the outskirts of the community.