Small game hunting

Small game hunting in Os

Hunting ground

Western part of mainland Os: Hovlandsfjellet, Liafjellet, Grindavollsmarka, Storumsmarka, Lepsøymarka. See map for boundaries of hunting ground when buying hunting licence.


The hunting ground has a seasonal good stock of wood cock. In some parts there is a fair stock of capercaillie. Remember governmental hunters licence.

Hunting season:

10. OCTOBER – 28. FEBRUARY NOTE! IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO HUNT CAPERCAILLIE HEN AND BLACK GROUSE. Ducks on the Ulvenvatnet are a protected species.

Hunters licence

To buy a local game licence, you must have a receipt for payment of the governmental hunter’s licence which costs NOK 280 (2010). Foreign nationals do not need to take a hunting test if they meet the terms for being allowed to participate in the same type of hunting in their own country. However, you must register yourself to the Norwegian Register of Hunters. More information for foreign hunters is found on or

Licence sale:
P. M. Sælen Jernvare, Os sentrum Rune Skeie, Skeisleira. Elisabeth Hjertholm, Skeisbotn

1 year: NOK 300,-
1 day: NOK 50,-