Oselvar boatyard

The Oselvar boatyard builds boats and safeguards the ancient handicraft of building small, clinker built wooden boats.

Norway’s national boat!

In 2009 the Oselvar boat wasproclaimed to be Norway’s national boat!

Oselvar boatyard

Here young and old boat builders work together; the young ones learning the traditional Oselvar handicraft from the older ones. The traditional art of boatbuilding for Oselvar boats is the most detailed and comprehensive remaining today. This allows the boat builders to build a boat which is tailor-made to customer requirements. For several hours each week, visitors are welcome to visit the boat yard and talk to the boat builders, and to watch them work. The boatyard also has an exhibition on the first floor showing the thousand year history of building and using small boats. The boatyard offers guided tours of the exhibition for groups of visitors by appointment.

Econom museum

Oselvarverkstaden in Os gained status as a Econom museum in 2009.


Hamnevegen 41
5200 Os

Tel.: + 47 56 30 54 86

Opening hours

Open Mon and Fri 14-15.30

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contact Rune Søvik tel.: +47 909 76 310