Walking and cycling

Cycling in Os

Cycling is a great activity for the whole family.

You decide how fast you want to go and where and when you want to stop. Os offers breathtaking scenery that is thrilling to experience from the seat of a bike. The North Sea Cycle Route is a cycle route following the North Sea coastline. The cycle route is marked with special cycle signposts, and has a map and route description. The route to Os from Bergen climbs up and over Fanafjell hill to the Lysefjord where you have a spectacular view of Lysøya island and Ole Bull’s villa. A ferry to Lysøya leaves from the Buena quay. The route continues to the Lysekloster monastery passing the Lysekloster chapel and Lysekloster ruins – remainders from the first Cistercian monastery in Norway founded in 1146. From the monastery, you continue to Ulven military barracks and then over Kuven to Os town centre. From the town centre, you cycle south along the old Halhjemsvegen to the quay at Halhjem. A ferry makes the crossing between Halhjem and Sandvikvåg on the island of Stord. There are maps and signposts for the entire route from Bergen to Kristiansand. For more information, go to www.northsea-cycle.com.


Strandvegen The district of Os is a nature-lover’s paradise. You can stroll along the beaches, go for a hillwalk, or take it easy on meandering walks through the lowlands. From Osøyro and to the north-east, you’ll find beautiful beach properties like pearls on a string. In 2003, Strandvegen opened: You can now walk from Osøyro along a two kilometre long trail, over Haugsneset and Lyngheim, through Døsvighagen, past Solstrand and Moldegård all the way to Moldaneset.