Coast historical days

The costal culture weeks are the largest happening in Norway with over 200 events in 20 districts from Sveio in the south to Gulen in the north.

The official opening is this year situated in Os. Together with the traditional festival of the Oselvar you will exprience what the costal life was about. On shore you will get to see parts of the Opera Hav Fest.

Fishing competition Søre Øyane Sunday 14. Yugust Kl 12.00 Opening Kl 12.30-14.30 Fishingcompetition Kl 12.00-16.00 Gallery Vedholmen is open with works of Ingun Dahlin See

Cultural memories in Vargavågen

Sunday 11. September kl 12.30 In the area of Vargavågen you will find relic, burial mounds, rock carving dated back to 4000 BC. Michael Olsen from Hordamuseum will guide you through the story. Meet at the cross between Halhjemsmarka and Bjørnavegen. Parking by Halhjem barnetun.